10,000 Signatures Sent To National Assembly

Petition Submitted to the National Assembly

10 000 in Montreal demand increased funding to public transit

Montréal, October 23rd 2008 – When the National Assembly opens today, a petition of nearly 10 000 signatures will be presented to the Quebec government, demanding an alternative  sustainable transportation plan that will carry Montrealers well into the 21st century.

The ‘Coalition pour humaniser Notre-Dame‘ has deposited a petition of 5 000 signatures, rejecting the current plan to transform the eastern section of rue Notre Dame into an urban highway. ‘Mobilisation Turcot‘ has concurrently deposited a petition of their own, another 5 000 signatures, demanding a revision to the planned reconstruction of Turcot , Quebec’s largest highway interchangeBoth groups want future infrastructure projects to include specific measures that decrease car traffic, as well as an increased investment in public transit.

« Neither of these two projects, totalling 2.5 billion dollars of public funds, do anything to ultimately reduce car dependence and emissions»  asserts spokesperson of ‘Mobilisation TurcotSteeve Dupuis.

« We should be using these funds to completely rethink and redesign the southern part of Montreal » says Gaétan Legault of the ‘Coalition pour humaniser Notre-Dame«We have a not to be missed opportunity to design a sustainable development project, including a completely integrated public transit network, where Montrealers’ access and view of the river would finally be unimpeded by artificial barriers».

Both coalition groups want improved quality of life in the Montreal neighborhoods affected by the MTQ highway projects and they criticize the Quebec government:

  • For ignoring the many Montreal Department of Public Health warnings about studies reporting the negative health effects of air pollution upon residents living within close proximity of high traffic roads (especially seniors and children);

  • For the lack of strategies aimed at reducing  greenhouse gas emissions and the lack of coherence of these highway mega projects with the ‘Ministère de l’Environnement et du Développement Durable et des Parcs’ 2006-2012 Action Plan;

  • For the expropriation of 200 families in the South West of Montreal whose homes are in the way of a planned access ramp .

For more information on this issue, please visit the coalitions’ respective websites:

www.mobilisation-turcot.info http://rue-notre-dame.org/humanisons-la.


To speak with a spokesperson:

(Français) Steeve Dupuis : (514) 761-1665 Gaétan Legault : (514) 839-1656

(English) Jody Negley : (514) 934-4540

2 responses to “10,000 Signatures Sent To National Assembly

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  2. Now where can I sign to petition the government to STOP funding the stupid public transit?

    I mean seriously “more money” what are you wanting? The bloody 9 billion dollar tram that runs on top of the metro? friggin hell

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