500 Repairs At Turcot Last Year

And it cost 12 million bucks according to this article blogged by Kate over at Montreal City Weblog. The  building of a new interchange at Turcot will take at least 6 years. That means continuing to maintain the old interchange for the duration. I can’t help but imagine when the bills start coming in and we are only half way through that project what it’s all going to look like. Bottom line? We are going to be paying through the nose to maintain a structure we plan to demolish in 6 or 7 years. It’s not too late to go to plan “B”.

3 responses to “500 Repairs At Turcot Last Year

  1. What kind of “plan B”?

    MTQ has fucked around with starting construction for so long…

    urgent need to get the new structure built, this is the most vital interchange in the province

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