About Postarctica

Postarctica is where we are now as a species, choosing to carry on as usual, desperately trying to carry on as usual, while all the signs and symptoms of catastrophic climate change appear with alarming regularity around the world and in our own backyards.

there were little signs

Rushing headlong into the end of all narrative, or….

Arctic sea ice is rapidly melting and the changing yearly analysis strongly suggest that this process is happening at a much faster rate than was calculated the year before. It is accelerating exponentially  mainly because there is no global strategy to stop it. The Arctic is seen by the corporations that control the global economy as an exciting new business opportunity.  Digging for oil, gold, diamonds and all kinds of other potential treasures will ironically contribute even more to  the acceleration of the eventual melting of the entire Arctic.  The loss of the Arctic is a pure tragedy, an evolutionary rape and pillage suicide mission, one could say, but just one part of our overall determination to destroy our only home by cutting down rainforests to create grazing land for large scale cattle ranching, being just one of thousands of examples. There is something seriously wrong with us collectively, no matter how  “normal” any given one of us may appear, we are a sick species that only seems to understand short term survival strategies, hence our uncanny willingness to believe climate change is a hoax, our pathological greed which blinds us to the reality that the Good Ship Earth has just hit an iceberg (a melted chunk of the Arctic no doubt), our anxiety driven self destructive choices such as war, our egotistical willingness to believe in a loving God who will not let us fade off the planet, our competitive nature that  insists that there be winners and losers, and our hopelessly naive and romantic notion that our grandchildren will be fine. I will say it again, there is something seriously wrong with us. Cognitive Dissonance is US. Our DNA must be riddled with it.


Not to mention the massive amounts of methane trapped under the Arctic

I started using the term PostArctica  to describe the global political situation when I realized that for all intents and purpose we are really in the beginning stages of the Endgame. We may think White has simply opened with a pawn, but we have been in the game for a while and a Checkmate is in store for us much sooner than any of us, myself included, would like to believe.

There is a point of no return in the global warming equation and, it is still hoped, we haven’t crossed that threshold yet, but we certainly will if we do not attempt to slow it down, and that would require the cooperation of every country on the planet. Maybe we are fucked.

And I will also be talking about art , and playing music, posting things I like, and whatever else comes up.

And there will be pictures. 🙂


July, 2013

7 responses to “About Postarctica

  1. You’re right about us as a destructive species, however believing in a loving god to repair everything, you are tragically lost…

    MotherNature, is sick! However she doing her best to repair it is up to us as human-beings living on this blue rock we call home to change our ways…

    i don’t see that happening today, nonetheless we’re making small progress, sad state we leave our children..

    More Or Less, the children of the future, working together with the machines will, once again bring harmony to the blue planet we call home!

    kiss kiss chris

  2. It’s funny that when you write ”us” – it’s only you & how you view the personal existence. I’m truly amazed.
    Awesome ”about” page.

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