Urban Wetlands

Turcot Yards was a wetland once upon a time as was most of southwest Montreal. And there seems to be a movement to preserve, create, or recreate wetlands in urban areas. Montreal is a traditional landing point for thousands and thousands of migrating waterfowl, so it makes sense that this concept be taken seriously here.

Quebec City has taken some initiatives for local wetland preservation.

I have previously blogged about this project in Toronto.

And even Los Angeles is creating a wetland park.

Indian cities used to have  wetlands for practical purposes.

Urban wetland restoration.

And I also posted last year about how the former west side of Golf Dorval was used by Canada Geese as a base on their migratory route.

So in the next few weeks I will be looking at the state of the urban wetlands of Montreal. Does such a thing even exist?

Here is a shot I took of some geese last week from the riverfront  just west of the Verdun/Lasalle border.

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