Landmarks (Selfies before Selfies)

I was there…where were you?

1st Batch

So one day I walked up Drummond as far it goes towards the Mountain and it dawned on me when I was at the foot of the McIntyre Medical Sciences Building (which I long thought was called the Drummond Medical Building, which is located back down below de Maisonneuve) that I had never been there before. This is one of Montreal’s most well known “unknown” buildings in the sense that countless thousands of us have seen the building dominate the foreground of the view downtown from Mount Royal, let alone the gabillions of photographs it must be in. But how many of them could identify the building?

(for the story behind this picture please go here.

2nd Batch

Where are you now?

The building in the second photograph is 780 Saint Remi in Village des Tanneries in the west end of Saint Henri and the last building before you are heading into Turcot Yards. Under the current Turcot plan it would be demolished along with the housing along the north side of Cazelais. There are some pretty cool homemade lofts in there. The windows that look like floor to ceiling are actually about two storys high and some people have built two story lofts inside. Really cool place.
The owner of the building, the enigmatic and mysterious Mr. Fattal, does not necessarily want to hand the place over to the MTQ for demolition and a few options have been discussed such as only demolishing the corner of the building closest to the interchange. Mr Fattal has been known to show up at public consultations placing fake dollar bills on the floor and getting a big kick out of it when people reach to grab the money. But no one calls him a fool. There is a delightful cast of characters in this whole Turcot story. That’s the way life should be.

3rd Batch

Turcot is fenced off and security regularly patrols and they have painted over all the grafitti. It was a very interesting place and my only regret is that I was not a biologist who could have identified all the things that grew in there. But I did see a fox. That was worth it.

4th Batch

There is kitsch and there is more kitsch, fancy kitsch. I stopped hanging around Bora Bora after my sister died. There was no one there I wanted to see, nothing much to say. Years later I sometimes just drop in and have something to eat or just a coffee. And I do it because I can and there is nothing to hide or anything to feel bad about.

5th Batch

So I was at work and saw “Genealogist Society” on a call list and somehow that occurred to me as a title for a post, reminding me off some of the headlines in “Ulysses” and the Irish penchant for lawsuits. And the rest is the road my grandfather took. I was about 7 when he died.

17 responses to “Landmarks (Selfies before Selfies)

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  2. I like the photo of what I remember as Verdun City Hall(nice to see its still there……(when I was a kid living in Cote St Paul(Rue Drake/De Biencourt(across from the park)-some of my relatives lived on 5th Ave (across from the Verdun City Hall)(this building)- we (both my families) lived in Cote St Paul and on 6th ave in Verdun(4 generations of my family(Some of therm born in the 1800’s)(there were still streetcars on Wellington(the 58 and 60 lines)back then…)(and the Glen Rd.yards still had visible streetcar tracks)
    (I lived down from Angers and Laurandeau…)…
    Keep up the great work!(from a fellow photographer(I use Canon Digital Rebels(XT and XTIs)

  3. The Drummond Medical Building is a really unique’standout’ building(especially if you are viewing it from up in the Mountain..(it really sticks out-from all the other buildings….(I used to walk by it a lot when I was younger…..)It is a building you immediately notice-(because of its color (white) and shape)….
    (and in a lot of famous landscape photos of Montreal( as viewed from the Mountain(from the lookout)-it stands out…….(winter or summer day or night)

  4. the alleyways and lanes of Verdun are great- I always loved those(having also been in them…..(I still do…)

    I loved the alleyways and back lanes we had in Cote St Paul too(Behind de Biencourt especially)………

    Those(the back alleyways and back lanes-are a delightful hidden secret world -unto themselves…….(From a time when people parked their cars(and there were a LOT less cars-in those days(we had a horsedrawn milk wagon(I used to feed the horse)when I lived on Rue Drake…….)(the horses name was Charlie)-people parked their cars BEHIND their homes…….(backyard garages)…..(a very different time…)…..

  5. An upstairs neighbor of mine(on Rue Drake) was a steam locomotive engineer who worked at Turcot Yards (when his steam locomotive(a Canadian Northern(built in 1944 at the Montreal Locomotive Works) was retired in 1960)
    I got to ride in it…..)(He also had a’58 black T-Bird (the ones with the huge ‘shark fin’taillights)……(a one of a kind experience-in both cases)
    I got to see the roundhouse and the yards too-totally endless…seemingly to the horizon and beyond…)

    I remember also when The Turcot Interchange was first built…….(who knew then- theyd be building it AGAIN……(theres a 1970s cartoon Aislin did(in the Gazette) of the Turcot Interchange going up over the Cross on Mount Royal.(It comes off ‘the cliff” (and then seemingly goes everywhere in all directions)…)
    (how interesting that all these things(like Turcot-like the Pont Champlain( opened only 50 years ago(or less-in the case of the Ville Marie Expressway)falling APART are NOW falling apart!

  6. and this is happening NOT only in Montreal mes amis(but in Toronto also…)(with the Gardiner Expressway especially(which is a lot like Metropolitan Blvd(the’Elevated”(as CJAD s Len Rowcliffe used to call it…)

      • Merci bien mon ami -pur votre beaux reponses……..(je ne’t’oublie pas mon francais…..(apres plus annees en Toronto) je plus sounvenis mes origines(dans le ( a mes sentis)GRAND Sud -Ouest de Montreal


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