The Old Tower

I don’t know when this tower was built but it came down with all the other Turcot buildings in January/February 2005. Very visible from Autoroute 20, this tower was seen by untold thousands of drivers. It probably was helpful during the “intermodal” era at Turcot, but it is very nostalgic to also think that it’s roots go back to the roundhouse days.

The shipping building in the background went down at the same time.

Here is a view from the control room of the Clarke Transport building resting in a cool state of abandonement.

Looking over at the freeway we get the idea that a Painted Turcot Interchange would be a truly world class and internationally admired site, especially in winter!

Even this little shed got hauled away.

In the left middle background you can see the “truck stop” building that also went down in the “cleanup” in early 2005.

And with the Lasalle Coke Crane in the background.

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