Science, Art, Humanities.

Most of the interesting and succesful environmental projects we see today are the result of a multi-disciplinary approach taken by most teams. An excellent example is  AMD&ART Park in Vintondale, Pennsylvania. This area has streams that were polluted by acid mine drainage and that can effect entire watersheds.

“AMD&ART worked to destabilize the typical negative expectations of this region with a large-scale, artful public place that directly addresses the problems of AMD and more. Since 1994, we have been creating a model of renewal that brings the perspective of history to mix with the discipline of science, the healing accessibility and delight of innovative design, and the energy of community engagement. In 2006, with the AMD&ART Park now managed by the Borough of Vintondale and Founder/Director Dr. T. Allan Comp now exploring other opportunities for integrating the Arts and the Sciences in environmental remediation, the AMD&ART Inc. Board is reconsidering our interests, our capacities and our mission. Watch this space for more news of our continuing evolution. For information contact Dr. Mary Lavine, President of the Board of AMD&ART Inc., at”


Mine #6 Portal Image (6′ x 12′)
Photo credit: AMD&ART Collection

The Monastery Run Improvement Project
Saving Our Mountain Streams

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