Nice batch of images from this artist/urban explorer.

I have said elsewhere that there is not much in the way of paintings or drawings of Turcot Yards on the net, so here are some much appreciated ones.

When “DA” was the only large work around.

Advertising towers went down in November 2005.

Stairwell from the old tower.

Interesting framing.

East entrance of Dead Dog Tunnel at night.

To see more of Cyens work go here.

5 responses to “Cyens

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  2. WOW! I feel extreemly flattered you used my pictures of turcot!
    Turcot is one of my favorite places in montreal, I felt realy sad the day they destroyed the yard to transfert it to taschereau yard ( northern section of CP cote st-luc yard ). I photographed and drawn part of the destruction of the yard in 2004 – 2005. I took tones of pictures which aren’t all on deviantart.
    I feel so sad now they are planning on destroying the highway interchange, I see it as a masterpiece that only need to stands on its own. But I guess not everyone see’s it the same way as I do!
    When they are starting the destruction of the highway interchange, I’m planning on photographing the whole destruction step by step like I did in 2004 for the yard.


    Thank you neath for the props!!!

  3. If you have a lot more images I would be happy to post more of them. I agree with you about Turcot, it’s a special place, but not for every taste it seems (smile).

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