Street Writing Snippet #1

Angelique imagines herself howling. It seems like something she would like to do. Some people imitate what they believe are Iroquois war cries. She is not sure how you could confirm that that that is what they sounded like, unless you could ask an Iroquois to demonstrate one, and that would feel weird doing. All the native people she has ever seen have converted to Christianity and are unlikely to even know what the (the Wind is not your friend) the old war calls sounded like themselves. But she liked the idea of howling. (Boreal can suggest serving at 8C degrees, but out here today it feels like about 4C with the Wind, which is not your friend). She would love to let an Iroquois war cry go right in front of *insert.* But she is just a crazy lady if she does that by herself. She is an insurrectionist if she does that with a bunch of friends because there isn’t much room for insurrection in a town obsessed with resurrection. In the meantime, there are brothels that deal with all erections.
The Poet writes

Come one, come all
and make your selection
will it be insurrection,
No, it’s not an election
its all about your erection

Come now, come now.
Let’s have no Benelection
No Benediction

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