Street Writing …or?

Street Writing – that’s the term I have been applying to what I have been doing since mid May. The activity has evolved from simply me sitting on some infrastructure provided seating along the Verdun waterfront to me using a little portable stool and writing on the now car free Wellington street in Verdun. It is going very well and I am having tons of fun writing away what will either be a novel or a whole bunch of stories that take place in Montreal in 1838.
These are covid/climate change tales taking place 182 years ago.
I write outside.
That’s it.
I anticipate that in the late fall when writing outside is no longer fun, I will go indoors and begin the process of editing this mass of raw material I am creating into something that could be interesting to other humans.
So my question is whether or not to call this Street Writing. A lot of people associate that with graffitti, or some kind of improv, but this is literally about writing stories, telling tales, bullshitting your ass off, whatever…but in words either handwritten or typed.
Any suggestions?


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