Grimskunk at Verdun Art

Yesterday was the now annual event on Wellington street called Verdun Art organized by Nadia Gagnon of Maltehops. And it was nothing less than an awesome day of music on the street.

There were 5 musical groups and the Girardin family and friends put on a drumming concert from their balcony.


Little girl lets the world know she is down with hard rock!


Patrick Mireault of Maltehops leads Ghoulunatics in a great set.


I did not shoot any video last night but here is an example of their style in a song they played last night..


And the headliners, Grimskunk, take the stage!

And the fireworks literally began!


I had a great seat and Wellington street rocked it out!




A fantastic day on Wellington street. Big props to Nadia and Patrick and everyone else who helps make this incredible event a reality in Verdun!!

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