More Backlog

Some more pictures from over the last 4 or 5 months.


Back of bar Palco who are building a terrasse for summer. Could be a very interesting place!


The old Guy Gagnon Arena in VerdunĀ  which became the home of The Circus School of Verdun and is being renovated into a kind of cultural centre that will continue to also host The Circus School of Verdun.


This one really made me wonder whether that is a rebuilt pillar or a new one designed to blend in with the old ones (remnants of the old boardwalk when the river was just down from there).


Former fire station on Mill street, now an artistic glass company.


Amazing art walls in Cote Saint Paul.


From the maple syrup festival on Wellington street in Verdun last month.


Hockey rink in Dupuis Park in Verdun in spring.

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