Energy – Jam Report #6

One thing no one is going to accuse Verdun of being is a hotbed of live music, for the most part it’s non existent. But things are changing. There is now a weekly Friday night Jam at Cafe Kali that is an unqualified success according to those who have shown up and it just seems to get better every week. And did I mention that it is free?

It’s free.

Friday night featured December’s Special Guests, The Girardin Family, and their high energy percussion based tunes had everyone ready for a party! From Gypsy, Calypso, Latin beats, traditional ballads, and some open experimentation there was something for everyone.

There is a cool environment even on the street during the Jam, lots of people going in and out, dollar store a few doors down brings lots of walk by traffic.


Tacos and much more available at Cafe Kali.

The Girardins bring tons of equipment so everyone gets a chance to play something.


Kids love it too.

Lots of positive energy, that’s how they get you going.


The art on the walls changes the first Friday of every month. That’s couple of my pictures up on the wall.


Barry MacPherson, Craig Girardin, Fani Love, Marie-Andree Girardin, Victor Girardin, Elinore Girardin.


You feel these drums more than “play” them.


The accordion is a much more flexible instrument than most would think.

It’s a great environment and there is room for more.


Valerie Lamirande, President of Empreintes d’artistes, and Fani Love, proprietor of Cafe Kali laying down some rhythms.


Elinore Girardin and Barry MacPherson


Looking for that inner drummer.

It’s lots of fun and you never know how long a given jam will go.

Wally Dae was in the house and sang some original tunes.


Wally Dae and Barry MacPherson. Barry teaches painting at the Pointe Saint Charles Art School. You should check it out –

Pointe Saint Charles Art School link.

You can create a round the campfire atmosphere even indoors.


Drums are universal, they really are, anything anywhere can be conjured up with a few thumps.


We have had up to 12 people doing one song. Let’s get that number up next week, people!

Rocky Mt Lo was demonstrating  Ribbon Weave Art in the back.


The creations are simple but you would be surprised how much is involved to perfect this skill. And every creation symbolizes something such as Luck, Peace, or Love.

There are breaks here and there which gives anyone a chance to do something if they want but soon those Girardins are coming at you again!


Marie-Andree Girardin, Craig Girardin, Helene Pitre, 2 fellows whose names I did not get, Ray Garneau, Projet Montreal Borough Councilor Luc Gagnon, Fani Love.


I have to admit this was a really nice picture taking spot, not recommended though 🙂

She is awesome, a pure musical talent!


Recorder, Bass, and Guitar, sweet!


One of things I love about the digital era is how you can make effects like this by just turning a dial on the camera. In the old days it involved a lot of unusual developing, nasty chemicals, etc.

Elinore Girardin singing a tune, and doing a great job!


Everyone has a blast!!

Wally Dae and his dad.


Our unofficial Irish presence.

Some rock and roll on the keyboards with Victor Girardin.


You rock, Victor!!

Craig Girardin and Barry MacPherson doing a delightfully laid back and almost jazzy While My Guitar Gently Weeps.


And it really does end. A fantastic time and still a good chunk of the night left to enjoy!

So why not step in over the next couple of weeks and get yourself some excellent free entertainment at Cafe Kali!

The Jam

Friday from  6-9

Cafe Kali

5200 Verdun Avenue (Metro Verdun)

Produced by Empreintes d’artistes.

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