The Jam Report #3

Friday was our third edition of the Jam and it went smoothly as expected. After two weeks in the basement we brought the show upstairs and that was a big plus as it is more comfortable, the cafe offerings are more easily accessible, and there is much more room. Going to work on the bugs as  they pop up but it’s been pretty smooth sailing so far. Big props to the musicians who make this thing the cool event that it is! We seem to be averaging around 25 people so far so it makes for a nice casual environment, no one crunched in anywhere. There is a lot of cool art on the walls at the Empreintes d’artistes art boutique and the music is great!

And Wally Dae  continues as our special guest through November.


Wally Dae, Barry MacPherson, Jerome LeBlanc


Francois Beaumont, Wally Dae, Barry MacPherson, Jerome LeBlanc

Again I will say that sound quality sucks on this camera, it’s pretty darn good live!

The view from outside.


Looks cozy in there.


Daniel Ranger, Verdun Singer/Songwriter, played a set.


Daniel Ranger is going to be a Special Guest in December, should be pretty cool.


Daniel Ranger, Ray Garneau, Jerome LeBlanc, these guys had it cooking!!


The obligatory artsy fartsy shot!


View from the back.


Closing it out with Wally Dae, Barry MacPherson, Ray Garneau and Jerome LeBlanc.

The music was great and everyone had a good time. Come on down if you are in the area.

Cafe Kali every Frday at 6, 5200 Verdun Avenue

Produced by Empreintes d’artistes inc

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