Magic – The JAM report #4

Lots of new faces at the Jam last night and many new connections were made, ideas shared, and, of course, some great music!

First time Jammers Craig Girardin, Marie Andree Joly and her daughter (whose name I forgot to write down ūüė¶ ) brought a delightful energy to the room with some cool rhythms and beats.


And she can sing!


Into it.

Daniel Ranger  doing some original tunes.


Dan sings simple laid back tunes of surprising complexity and variation.

Barry MacPherson joins in.



Great night to be strolling by on Verdun Avenue.

November Special Guest Wally Dae. His CD’s are available at the Jam so come on down and get a real good deal on some great music for your collection.


Wally Dae, Francois Gaulin and Marie Andree Joly.

Ashley Prud’homme pouring her heart out.


Those singing lessons with Annie Comtois are paying off, big time!

Sound quality? Well below par. Picture Quality? Came out a little dark. Still, this is a good example of the kind of good time we all had last night.


One of the most interesting things that happened last night is how the musicians seemed to be rotating the instruments. Every time you looked it was someone else singing, another one on drums or guitar. They are quite the accomplished group and every song sounds like they have been playing together for years, incredible!


Marie Andree Joly, Francois Gaulin, Daniel Ranger

Different moods are explored and the energy is always perfect. The audience is highly appreciative of some of the best free entertainment you can find in live music dry Verdun. This is such a cool event!


Somebody better sign them up!

Ashley Prud’homme rapping while the audience claps a beat. And yes, those dreamcatchers hanging are part of the art show. Hand made and at a great price!


It’s a real pleasure to see a young person like this getting her “first break”.

Also part of the art show is this remarkable Tiffany lamp made by Valerie Lamirande. My picture cannot do it justice but it really is a beautiful hand made work of art that adds so much to any room it is in. And keep in mind that 10% of all the proceeds of the Art Boutique will go to Empreintes d’artistes who will be able to bring you events like this all year round!!


Art meets art meets art.

Closing it out with Wally Dae.


Ray Garneau, Wally Dae, Barry MacPherson.

It sure felt like we took it up a notch last night adding a new dimension to the Jam with an accordion, lots of percussion stuff, and the very natural coordination amongst the musicians. It’s their event really, so we should be there to support them and encourage a local music scene to emerge and prosper. And a big part of the raison d’etre of Empreintes d’artistes is to give artists the opportunity to get their stuff out there. It’s going very well so far!

And just to remind you that next Friday, November 27, from 5 to 8, will be the official Grand Opening/ Vernissage of the Art Boutique (and it will continue on the Saturday and Sunday). There will be some poetry readings (in three languages), the Jam will go on as usual, many of the artists will be present, and the Mayor and Councillor Luc Gagnon of Projet Montreal will be dropping in to offer some words of encouragement.

And it’s all happening at

Cafe Kali¬† –¬† 5200 Verdun Avenue, corner Desmarchais¬† (Metro Verdun)

Hope to see you there!




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