La Fete des Voisins Solidaire A Great Success!

Yea, it rained, and then it rained, and it rained some more, but a good time was had by those that toughed it out. I really want to thank Jody Negley for having the incredible energy it took to organize everything, so thank you so much, Jody!! Lots of good people showed up, the kids got rides on the Tanneries’ “train”, the BBQ never stopped, and all was well.

Rain and wind were strong at times.

Local politicians made the rounds.

Film crew.

And the show went on! Big In China

“So a documentary filmmaker walks into a bar…” (sorry, Marco, can’t resist)

Here is Lorraine, who I swear was cooking non stop for 10 hours! Merci!!

More tireless volunteers.

Fire At Rivky


And my blurry pictures show that there was an art show inside.

I look forward to next year’s edition!

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