5 responses to “City Asks Government To Rethink Turcot

  1. Glad to hear that there will be some critical examination of the project. Although I get the sense that the province has ignored the city’s concerns in other cases (le pont de la 25, for instance).

  2. Oh, for sure they have, and Transport Quebec is a ministry with it’s own agenda like everyone else. We are in an interesting time though, because politicians have been able to avoid much finger pointing for the state of the roads and overpasses in Quebec for a long time, and now it’s become too enormous an undertaking for them to totally escape accountability. I am only sure of one thing with this “quick” election coming up – if Charest gets a majority, they may just slide back into the old paradigm….Just as if Harper had got a majority you could kiss funding for cities goodbye….

  3. Hi Ken
    I think you might be interested in our upcoming exhibition.
    Next Friday (the 5th) is the opening, and all the paintings, photographs, etc. will be about the Turcot yards and the elevated highway system. There is a bit of info and a link to your site at http://www.henrybuszard.com. perhaps some of your readers would be interested? let me know if you want a more detailed synopsis of the show.
    thanks so much for your time!
    -Henry Buszard

  4. I’ve been hoping to meet people like you for almost 3 years, Henry! If you email me an image I would be happy to post a blurb for the show!

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