Montreal’s Grand Prix Electric Race?

Henry Aubin wrote in Saturday’s Gazette about alternative ideas for the now gone Montreal Grand Prix. This part at the end really caught my eye.

“Use Île Notre Dame’s F1 track for a race involving electric cars.

This brainstorm, which comes from car expert Jacques Duval, is the most promising idea of all. It would spur research on environmentally-friendly automotive technology and showcase Hydro-Québec’s low-emission sources of electricity.

It also would brand Montreal as a city that embraces the future, not the gas-guzzling past à la Grand Prix. And it would be unique in the world.

Mayor Gérald Tremblay should hurry to get started on this. Duval’s idea is too good for other cities to ignore for long.”

That is simply a fantastic idea! Let’s face it, if there is any kind of a future for car racing, it s going to be with electric or non gas powered cars. Now is the time to get this started.  We have a very conveniently located track and a city where people from around the world are used to coming to for a race. The technolgy is out there, we just need some people with the right energy to get this thing off the ground.

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