Budget Sustainabilty Money Disappoints

The provincial government has announced that it will spend 133 million dollars in the coming years on sustainability programs. That might sound all good and proper especially as they claim that luminaries such as Al Gore and David Suzuki have praised Quebec’s environmental programs, but it’s really like giving someone spare change and expecting homelessness to go away.

There are billion dollar projects all over the province these days, including building a dam on the Rupert River, which will divert the world’s last great “virgin” river and create numerous environmental problems all so Quebec can follow the remarkably naive dream that it will become to hydroelectricity what the Saudis are to oil (hey, ya never know…). They were talking like that in the early 60’s.

A look at a good relief map will show that Quebec is indeed a massive freshwater reserve and we need a much stronger commitment to preserving and managing that water for now and for the future.

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