More Trains, Less Planes, Please

Henry Aubin writes in today’s Gazette about the expansion plans at Trudeau International. He questions whether spending billions to expand the airport is really in everyone’s best interest in this brave new age of Global Warming. It probably isn’t, as in the coming decade we will probably see an international movement towards an agreement to begin to restrict airline usage. Personally, I have long believed that a high speed rail link to Mirabel would have taken care of all of Montreal’s airline needs quite efficiently. Didn’t happen. Won’t.

But the green space still available on the island is indeed getting eaten up with the gradual development of the Golf Dorval lands. The wild and the innocent do not do well living side by side, but here at least, was an opportunity to have a genuine wildlife zone on the island, where something of a compromise may have worked. Below are fox tracks at the gate to a new construction zone on the western edge of the old course.

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