The Ice Storm 1998

Here a bit late after 3 adventurous weeks pretty much away from the ‘ol computer (and all I am going to say about that is that it is amazing how busy you can get during the Holiday Season and, yes, had a pretty good time overall). Most of you are probably getting bored with this story by now, but if you aren’t, Fagstein has links to Every. Story. Ever. or at least comes close right here.

Here is the quick version of my story. In Verdun on day 2 or 3 of no power and a friend suggests we walk up to the McDonalds on Lasalle blvd. To my surprise it was open because it is linked on the same grid as Verdun General Hospital. So I ate a Big Mac and fries voluntarily and had to admit it was better than I remembered for your typical fast fat and sodium dish. We went back the next day and they had no burgers left, just some fries, cherry pies and an apparently endless supply of soda. As far as I am concerned, Verdun McDonald’s Runs Out Of Burgers, should have scooped the whole silly province without power story that was making the rounds. Sigh. Yes, folks, turns out the first 2 weeks of January ’98 were just as dull as today except there was no electricity and the Verdun McDonald’s Ran Out Of Burgers.

And here are some images courtesy of Le Journal de Montreal.

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