Noticed last week that snow is being dumped in the west end of Turcot Yards and there is also this article in the Gazette to confirm.

“The Côte des Neiges/Notre Dame de Grâce borough made a deal with the Quebec Transport and Environment departments to use the Turcot Yards as an emergency snow dump, but only until Jan. 11.”

Why not all winter? I have noticed that there is excellent drainage at Turcot (well, it was a railyard) and although I suppose large snow mountains could be considered dangerous in themselves, they sure have the opportunity to spread it out at Turcot. Cross country, anyone?

7 responses to “Snowdump

  1. Interestingly, trucked snow is considered waste water, and has to be processed through the sewer system.

    Only in emergency situations can it just be dumped in an available lot.

  2. Sure makes me wonder how much “waste” gets into that snow. It’s not like anyone in their right mind would want to drink it or anything like that.

    All the best to you too, Leslie! Now do you want to run it by me again how I can post comments on your blog?

  3. i was just at the site where all the snow is being dumped walking my dog…it’s kinda eerie, and

    actually the snow does seem rather dark…i suspect all the pollutants that cars leave on roads gets scraped up…but i remember when montreal used to dump the snow into the canal…which then would go into the river…then into the beluga’s food chain…

    so much effort goes into keeping our roads clear for circulation…

  4. Hi Neath,
    My poor blog went blank for a day while GoDaddy and WordPress were not ‘interfacing’. Gosh, I hope you didn’t try to find me then 🙂
    You are already registered. You should be able to comment. I have to ‘approve’ the first one, and then they all show up on their own. give it a try. I will be looking for a ‘test’ comment.
    If you start pulling your hair out in frustration, email me.
    leslie at lesliehawes dot com

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