Hockey Should Not Be A Racist Sport

Apparently the idea of racism in hockey is now a hot topic in Canada. All I can say is what took everyone so long? Hockey is a white man’s sport. It is very expensive to have your kid properly equipped to play the game at any age.

You do not go to college as part of the process of becoming a professional hockey player in Canada. Nope, you can just ride the buses through our racist hinterland and if you are white and talented this could be a wonderful time of your life. Not so much for non white kids who must learn to tolerate all kinds of racial abuse.

This has been going on for a long time.

But maybe, it is starting to change. At least people are talking about racist coaches at the NHL level.

We need to change that system and make the road to the National Hockey League one that is all inclusive, encourages education and personal growth, one that makes it an enjoyable experience for all kids who deserve to go to the next level.

One response to “Hockey Should Not Be A Racist Sport

  1. .. your perspective lacks depth..
    Are you a hockey player ? Female or male ?
    Do you have skates a puck and stick ?
    Do you have a local public rink
    or a canal, slough, pond, river, lake ?

    Do you or did you play street hockey ?
    Or kick an emply milk carton or pine cone
    as if you were an NHL player ?

    Do you know the ratio.. of hockey players
    to those who make the NHL or Women’s Pro ?

    We have handed down top flight used hockey gear
    ie skates retailing at 300 new.. but well broken in
    that we bought used / recycled..

    Every single year a wondrous man named Johnny
    fills at least one tractor trailor load.. chock full
    of donated skates.. sticks, balls, pucks, helmets
    goalie pads, blockers, trappers, sweaters, scarves
    toques, mitts, boots.. you name it
    to northern territories..

    My point ?

    We aint hard done by in urban centres..
    We need to be alert, motivated adults
    and look out for the disadvantaged..
    support those not so fortunate..

    But be aware..
    kids will kick a stuffed sock
    an empty milk carton
    pass a frozen horse poop
    use a broom stick..
    to play ‘The Game’

    It often starts with bobskates
    or hand me down skates & a chair
    Skipping plodding across frozen water..
    dangling like Crosby, vive leFleur
    stingy as Plante or Dryden
    or daydreaming of Bower or Hall

    We are limited only by our imagination
    whether big league or Little League ..

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