Surprise in Saint Michel

Finding myself exploring the neighborhood just to the east of the old Miron Quarry, now Parc Frederic-Bach, I stumbled upon a green lane (ruelle vert) right up against the STM adapted transport center.

At first I only noticed there was a couple of murals painted on some structures


which are always interesting to me, especially like when the second one plays out onto the floor of the lane. But then I spotted this

a single Metro (subway) seat from the Montreal system! This is taking public art to the next level, combining so may ideas and creating a multitude of interconnections, while remaining so ridiculously simple! Well done!!

And I could not resist the old fashioned selfie as I asked myself how many times in the past 50 years have I ever previously sat on that seat while racing underground somewhere in this awesome city? And you know, one of them could have been when I explored the Miron Quarry in the late 80’s. Here is a walking post on Miron from a few years ago. More to come soon says the ol’ photoflanneur!

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