Dirt is an ongoing visual project that addresses ideas concerning the city in the period before the Arctic collapse (Polar Caps buh bye).

It is really just a thin layer of dirt that supports humanity on Earth and the vulnerability of our ecosystem becomes more transparent, yet politically barely acknowledged, with each passing year. Gentrification, infrastructure repairs, demolition and renewal all require the movement, displacement, removal or addition, of dirt.

Farming is pretty much all about dirt.

A lot of the world’s food grew in dirt. Another huge chunk of the world’s food grazed on grass that grew in dirt. Without dirt, most of us don’t eat.

Things can get dirty.

What’s the dirt on that couple?

The dirty low down.

It’s pretty basic.

Cities are built on dirt.

Dirt is an ongoing visual project about a global conversation that may or may not have ever happened. But it would have had to have started somewhere.

This is an attempt at doing it.


(hope to be showing some of these around town soon)

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