Happy Holidays! – Jam Report #8

All I can say is WOW! What an amazing 8 week run this has been!  People said a live music venue in Verdun was needed and I think we proved them right. Its been an incredible time meeting great people, having fun and hearing a lot of fantastic music.

I have to thank Fani Love, proprietor of Cafe Kali, for allowing us to set up the ongoing art show, the various workshops,  and the Friday Night Jam. Could not have done it without you willing to believe in all this, Fani!

Also special thanks to Valerie Lamirande, President of Empreintes d’artistes, for having the vision, and the powerful work ethic, to make this adventure take off and be the overwhelming success that it has become!

I have to mention Wally Dae and Daniel Ranger whose work behind the scenes, their connections and dedication are all integral parts of the success of the Jam. I am very proud to know them and consider them close friends!

To to all the artists and musicians who have participated, Thanks! You made it look so easy just showing up and joining in. You are all awesome!!

And to the people who dropped in to check it out, thank you so very much. The best way to make this thing continue is to fill those seats and we are grateful to all those who came in, sang along, tapped their toes, and enjoyed these amazing shows.

Craig and Victor Girardin kicking it off!


The Girardins have been gracious and terrific hosts.

Marie Andree Joly on accordion. We have sure learned how versatile, subtle and powerful this instrument can be in recent weeks.


Its been wonderful  having the Girardins as our Special Guests through December!

Marilou Joly, Marie Andree Joly’s daughter, joined in on percussion.


And Elinore Girardin on the drum kit. A true musical family!

Marc Antoine Rousseau joining in on percussion.


Sometimes the jam takes on a life of its own.

Robbie Daug on lead guitar.

The videos are dark and it was offered that I could turn up the lights but I prefer to just grab the content than screw with the ambiance during the songs.


Two cool things happened tonight and the first was the appearance of Sam Boskey, former long time city councilor in Montreal. Had no idea Sam could tickle the ivories the way he can.


Lots of keyboard action out there tonight and it worked very well.

And the other cool thing that happened was the world premier of Nancy Brown singing a Neil Young tune.


This is what the Jam is all about and she is really good!

Wally Dae sang a few traditional Irish ballads and a few of his own originals. Barry MacPherson on lead guitar. Would just like to point out that these two guys are the only musicians who have played every Jam, which tells you we have had quite a variety of talents showing up on Friday nights, but also gets to the spirit of the Jam –  these guys love doing it and you can feel it, and that is what makes music so important. Thanks, guys!


No one has played a bigger role in the success of the Jam than Wally Dae.

My in close artsy fartsy shot of the night.


It has been a pure pleasure for me doing the photography at these Jams. I know it’s not “commercial” work but I feel the approach I have taken captures the spirit of thing, soft, low key, but with motion implied…and I get to hang out right in the middle of the action. Hope everyone has enjoyed these reports so far.

Robbie Daug played lead guitar for much of the night. He is a very versatile and talented musician.


Every weeks someone shows up who adds a new dimension to things, its really been unbelievable that way.

Francois Pitre rocked the house.


It’s an open Jam, all you have to do is show up.

Graig Girardin, Sam Boskey, Wally Dae.


In case any one is wondering the paintings in the background are by Verdun artist, Ingrid Vanderhecke, member of Empreintes d’artistes.

Rocky Mt Lo, Ribbon Weave Artist, was on hand with a workshop for children downstairs. Rocky is extremely generous and his year round fundraising efforts are greatly appreciated.


You can meet an interesting cast of characters at the Jam.

Regular attendee Projet Montreal Borough Councillor, Luc Gagnon, tapping a few beats.


This is one of the best ongoing happenings ever in Verdun.




And a very special thank you to The Girardin Family for being such fantastic Special Guests this month!!


You folks are awesome!

And that’s it for 2015. There will be no Jam over the holidays but we will be back on January 8, 2016. Hope to see you there!

Friday Night Jam

Cafe Kali

5200 Verdun Avenue (Metro Verdun)

6-9 pm

Produced by Empreintes d’artistes!

Happy Holidays to all!

One response to “Happy Holidays! – Jam Report #8

  1. Joyeux Noel et Bonne Annee Neath!

    Merci Bien pur Votre e postes en 2015! et les photos mervellluex de ma tres plus aime (et souviens)Verdun et ma vieux Cote Ste Paul(ma place de habitation original en ma vie) Aujour hui je suis 59 ans.. Les articles et photos a la Cafe Kali -c’est tres excellents! (je suis une artiste et musicien et fotographie e film et video)

    Votre photos c’est tres excellent(Tu user une bonne camera..) Aussi je me souviens le edifice McGill Medical Arts(je connait en les annees 60s et 70s)(apres je depart a Toronto)

    Je suis celebre Revillion( une tradition de moi-depuis mes annees habitent en Cote Ste Paul sur Rue Drake( au le coin(gauche) de Biencourt)( avant le gros parc(et les courts pour joue le tennis).

    (Apres 43 ans habitent en Toronto( pour les derniere 10 ans je suis disable physiques)- je ne’oublie pas ma francais…..)….



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