Courage, Neil Young, And The Future

Neil Young doesn’t have to do what he is doing, there are many, many reasons why he shouldn’t, but he is, and he is showing us courage that most of us can only dream of, can barely imagine. He is taking on the whole corporate structure that is oppressing and beating down people everywhere on the planet. He has taken a stand. And he is making things happen. We, as a nation, as a species, need to stand up too and begin to acknowledge the injustice that surrounds us if we believe at all that we are better than what we have become.

Neil Young Tour Surpasses Goals


5 responses to “Courage, Neil Young, And The Future

  1. Bravo Neil Young

    Neil Young ‘does not have his facts right’ about oilsands: Joe Oliver

    In an interview with CTV’s Question Period that aired Sunday, Joe Oliver accused Neil Young of “using his fame to advance a story which is fundamentally false”

    “The facts are we will not go ahead with any project unless it’s safe for Canadians and safe for the environment,” Oliver told Question Period.

    Joe Oliver tells lies! The NEB environmental review has already recognized that the Shell Oil Jackpine Mine Expansion bid will have direct and adverse effects on the First Nations’ ability to continue its treaty and associated aboriginal rights to hunt, fish, trap and gather. The review panel also recognized that the project will cause considerable environmental and ecological damage and destroy wetlands and wildlife. Despite this the Federal Government approved the project. So much for “unless it’s safe for Canadians and safe for the environment”.

    He (Joe Oliver) said First Nations communities will be consulted on all projects “as it’s our obligation to do so.” They said no, Joe, not on treaty lands and yet you still want to cram it up their %#*^. That is the reason they are taking the Federal Government to court. That is the reason for Neil Young’s Tour.

    “Oliver said natural resource development accounts for 1.8 million Canadian jobs…” Stick to the oil sands Joe. By Alberta Employment About 173,500 persons are directly employed in the oil and gas extraction and mining sectors in 2013.

    To a question of whether the federal government plans to bring in long-promised greenhouse gas emissions regulations, Oliver said the oilsands represent “only 1/1000th of global emissions”. The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers, CAPP, admits to over 0.16% of global GHG emissions making the oil sands the largest single source GHG producer in the world.

    More CAPP Facts; “Oil sands industry contributes about 7.8% of Canada’s total GHG emissions 2012”. “Oil sands fuel is around 5-15% more GHG intensive that the average crude oil consumed in the United States”.

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