Danielle Plamondon at Cafe Victoria in Verdun

Danielle Plamondon is one of the most respected, admired, and loved urban explorers on the planet. From the abandoned factories of Montreal and the rooftops of Europe, through the sewer systems of London and Paris,  she has photographed these locations with a passionate eye and a creative energy that radiates throughout her images.

expo 100k

Her night photographs bring us to the scene as we have never experienced it before, such as this image that shows the Turcot Interchange (obviously a personal favorite of mine).

L1330786.CROP - copie

Below street level is a second home to her as she documents the drains and tunnels she explores using “light painting” techniques to bring out the details while creating an intense sensuality to the forms and materials of our underground infrastructure.

L1150462 - copie

A pile of paint cans in an old long abandoned factory becomes a unique moment recalling the architecture and mysteries  of great cathedrals.

L1280556 - copie 2

This is the one photography exhibition in Montreal you cannot afford to miss!

Danielle Plamondon – a girl in the dark with a flashlight,  continues until March 31st.

Cafe Victoria

4559 Wellington

Verdun, Metro de l’Eglise, Galt exit

(514) 564-8088



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