Dangerous Corner Opens In Point This Weekend


Our new play called
Dangerous Corner
opens in just a few days !
Opening night, this Friday, April 27th is almost SOLD OUT
(As are many other performances)
However, there is still reservation space open for our performance,
this Saturday, April 28th.
So if you plan to attend the play, and have not as yet reserved,
please do so ASAP
For additional information about the play,
and/or to reserve,
please visit our main site at
Thanks for your support

About the play

J.B. Priestly’s first play is set in a drawing room at the home of Freda and Robert Caplan. They have just finished entertaining close colleagues of their publishing firm – and one of their novelists – Miss Mockridge…

At the start of Dangerous Corner, the main 6 characters are aptly called by Miss Mockridge – a “snug little group”. The meaning of just how snug becomes apparent when a casual remark ignites a series of revelations; dark secrets; infidelities & possible murder. As the truth eventually slips out about Robert’s clever, reckless brother Martin – the world of the “snug little group” quickly unravels.


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