Tremblay’s City Hall Corrupt? Wow, Surprise, Surprise!

Anyone paying even a little bit of attention over the course of the Tremblay administration can see corruption all over the place. Time and time again stories come out how the city made idiotic real estate deals – losing money on purpose because they aren’t the ones that are that stupid, Mr and Ms Taxpayer. But every time Gerald Tremblay gets caught with his hand in the cookie jar or just simply being monumentally incompetent, he claims that he “didn’t know”. Hey, it’s worked so far because the dumbed down masses keep voting for him. And English Montrealers should know better by now – voting for a mayor primarily because he is “not a separatist” is stupidity defined in the year 2011, or 2009, or 2005, etc…

The big picture part of this latest news is that the whole Quartier du Spectacle development is a mediocre piece of crap that does not in any way reflect the dynamics of Montreal. It is not something you proudly walk your visiting out of town relatives and friends through with a mischievous grin on your face. The Tremblay administration has bent over backwards to devalue Montreal, to take away the magic. And we have given him permission to go for it!

City of Montreal took real estate bath: auditor-general

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