Protest On Overpass

We met up in Saint Henri and after a few speeches took buses up to the Saint Jacques overpass.

Ground troops?

Turcot is just on the other side.

Pierre Zovile addresses the crowd.

There needs to be a general protest against the Charest government for allowing the Ministry of Transport to greenwash it’s project and add 1.5 Billion to the guesstimate, a figure that is only bound to grow exponentially over the course of the estimated 7 years and it is easy to foresee a lot of those add-ons never being put in place due to rising costs. And this is a project that fails spectacularly as a contemporary transportation project by hoping to increase volume. Don’t even get me started about the West Island getting screwed again. It’s just so damned ironic that these freeways were built to speed traffic from The Sprawl into the city core and the MTQ has created something that will not improve traffic at all. No amount of new lanes will shorten the time it takes vehicles to get to those 5 downtown exits that all have red lights at the bottom. And this project actually prevents a lot of necessary projects in the Greater Southwest from being accomplished! We need to do this differently.

And one of the more weird and comical things I have ever seen at a protest is this traffic camera turned around and pointing downward at the crowd on the overpass.

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