New Orleans and Saint Louis Considering Freeway Removal

Seems to be a growing trend around the world and it’s still not too late to think about this for Montreal.

New Orleans has the same problem of aging infrastructure. And they realize now is the time to rethink these freeways and their true effects on the quality of life in the adjacent neighborhoods and the city on the whole. New Orleans’ Claiborne Expressway (Interstate-10)

In Saint Louis access to the Gateway Arch (Did you know you could travel up inside it?) has become an issue. The city has a history of expropriation and divide like most large North American cities (20 city blocks were expropriated under much protest to build the Gateway Arch). Here are a few looks at the situation there. For an overview Freeways and the Decline of St. Louis and for some new ideas City To River Blog

2 responses to “New Orleans and Saint Louis Considering Freeway Removal

  1. Not related to this post, but I thought you might like to check out street artist Edgar Mueller, if you’re not already familiar with him.

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