The Don Quixote Of Turcot Yards

Is it just me or does blogging make one a little more self conscious? There have been times, especially at the beginning, when I have felt like some lone madman in the woods during this whole Turcot adventure. Hell, take one long haired middle aged man ranting and raving about city and provincial incompetencies while strolling under the largest elevated freeway interchange in the province and you have a deluxe recipe for eccentricity on a (visions of) grandiose scale. And there certainly were times when I felt like Don Quixote chasing windmills. Below is the image I made to reflect this line of thought.

You can see this image and three other fun Turcot Photos at the Griffintown art event today. I will be around all day and would love to see you drop by.
Griffintown Cultural Corridor.

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