Midnight Mass

I guess they often refer to it as Christmas Eve Mass these days. Haven’t been to this since I was a kid, so figured I was overdue, and headed over to Notre Dame des Sept Douleurs around 10pm.
Got caught up in the architecture, the symmetry and the detail. The church was probably built by the best and most experienced workers, donated time, and tons of community support and funding. God’s own house. You could get things like this done with that kind of backup.
My generation grew up getting a glimpse of the power and glory of the Catholic church before it began melting away. Seems so impotent now, like some odd fringe group who just happen to own these enormous, ridiculously beautiful buildings.
The service is nice. The priest even gets a few laughs here and there. The organ plays and there is a fine choir. The children run up for communion first as if there are gifts to be opened, and the adults follow shortly after. It’s Christmas Eve and all’s well in the world right now.

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