5 responses to “Griffintown Update

  1. CivicArt is a world renowed architect firms and the fact that this firm has accepted to electrified our waterfront is simply stunning.
    Now, keep in mind that beuty is in the eye of the beholder 🙂
    No hard feeling for the difference of opinion.

  2. Holly Crap, this is not my city, my history and who I am; why can’t we just take example in what is done in Europe and try to incorporate older building with newer one…. why always destroy what was? There is a very profound reason why we have kept the Great Pyramids…

  3. If they say this is just another “massing study” and that the final architecture has yet to be worked out, as they did with those red-brick renderings that Devimco originally proffered back in March, the question to ask is: well, what ARE you planning?

    This design is generic. And it doesn’t have anything distinctive to add. I’m not against modern design by any stretch of the imagination — the IBM Marathon building is my favourite, next to the Sun Life Building — but this says “corporate campus,” not “neighborhood,” to my eyes.

    I was in NYC last week and Manhattan has every type of building imaginable, all next to each other, spaced out by the kinds of parks Montreal would be lucky to have. Every low and medium-rise building there, particularly from the 1800s through the 1930s, is supremely adaptable and reusable, and also detailed, human-scaled, and beautiful.

    Flat-sided, detailless, blank-eyed insta-buildings have none of these qualities. A building like the IBM Marathon is successful because it bucked the pure-modernist Yale Box trend and embraced rhythm, pattern, detail, and richness of materials.

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