City Hall Votes For Griffintown Project

Tiny little Gazette article here. Seems that there were only 3 votes against which can only confirm that, by and large, no one is paying attention to citizen’s concerns anywhere at City Hall. One might expect opposition councilors to rally against to some degree, if only to buy themselves some much needed publicity for the next election, but it seems the forces of collusion are playing hardball once again. Marvin Rotrand had asked for a delay on the vote which was not unreasonable given that there has been a lot of concern raised by citizen’s, including a plea by local architecture superstar Phyllis Lambert among others.

I haven’t felt this cynical since the first Olympic games bills started arriving, so leave it to Jack Ruttan to make my day!

4 responses to “City Hall Votes For Griffintown Project

  1. Diesel & sugar don’t agree … maybe your only means.

    Box stores are the modern blight of our consumerist culture. They might be cheap to build (and dismantle if necessary) and do their job for the distribution of goods but they are utterly soul destroying places.

    I went to a debate here in London last night talking about the idea of opening up the ‘greenbelt’ around our cities for development. A lack of house building in the UK seems to be driving this latest debate.

    Those against often sighted the urban sprawl and car culture box store shopping of American cities as a reason not to open up the countryside to greedy, lazy developers.

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