5 responses to “Turcot In Mirror

  1. Demolition? Unless it is structurally unsound, this style of building should be used to provide large usable spaces for art displays and/or museum space. A similar building is being renovated for a similar use in my own city of Perth.

    Your Civic fathers are being rightly castigated! Demolition in this case would be legalised vandalism!

  2. It’s all lofts in there, some businesses, but mainly residential. If you can handle the freeway going by it s one of the coolest locations in the city. In fact it sits in one of the neatest neighborhoods in the whole country, but if you publicize that, there goes the neighborhood, well, there goes the neighborhood anyway…..It’s being demolished primarily because Transport Quebec doesn’t have a single creative gene up it’s collective arse.

  3. hey neath,
    isn’t this the place where the city was going to impliment an inner city garbage disposal and the citizens all got together and raised such a “stink” that the city backed off?

  4. That’s right. It was Pierre Bourque who wanted to build a garbage transfer depot near or under the interchange.

    Here is a story from April 18, 2000

    And three days later

    So it was defeated on a technicality which simply means Bourque couldn’t get the law changed to suit his project.

    Makes you wonder how often this sort of thing happens. Well, the city sure does seem to be taking over land it never wanted before for the Griffintown project. Loopholes anyone?

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