Turcot at Night


Pistard collection of the Bibliotheque et Archives Nationale

Bonus Trivia. When the Turcot Interchange was first built the lighting system was the rather sexy lines of lights that ran along the short walls on the sides as seen in the above photos. Eventually they conceded that keeping these snow/mush/salt free in winter was too much of a problem and more traditional light standards were installed.

NOTE : These images were originally attributed to Gabor Szilasi, however it has since come to light that Mr Szilasi is not the photographer for these images.

6 responses to “Turcot at Night

  1. Awesome. I’d seen these pictures a few times before, yet never noticed the innovative and very groovy 70s lighting scheme. All hats off to nostra.

  2. James Joyce once boasted that if Dublin were ever destroyed you could rebuild it brick by brick by using his novel, Ulysses, as a blueprint. Hmmmm, it was a nice thought. But I bet you could do that with Montreal by pooling the knowledge of it’s Urban Explorers.

  3. To whom it may concern:
    Please note that I am not the author of these night images of the Décarie express way; I have taken many photographs of the highway during the day. Please make the corrections. Thank you.
    Gabor Szilasi

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