hello, yes, this is raincoaster


hello yes this is raincoaster hello yes this is raincoaster

So, it’s been awhile, no?

For those of you who’ve missed updates at the ol’ raincoaster blog, since the last time this blog was active I’ve:

  • Started and run Canada’s premier hacktivism and cyberwar news website, The Cryptosphere, currently on hiatus. During its active period it was linked to by sites all over the world including the Daily Mail, Telegraph, Newsweek, and more (although not any Canadian ones, which is weird). And I was quoted by Time magazine. So, that was nice.
  • Moved about twenty or thirty times, as I paired my burgeoning cyber-career with a sideline as a pet-sitter. After one too many cancellations, I started charging good money with 50% up front and non-refundable, and otherwise, this really couldn’t be a viable option. But the fact is, that’s a horrible way to live, always trying to line up gigs so you’re never…

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One response to “hello, yes, this is raincoaster

  1. Fancy bumping into Raincoaster on your blog! I’ve been following her forever on Gawker and Jezebel and just assumed Kinja and the drying up of interesting articles was the reason for her dwindling participation in the sites. Hope when things settle down and a return to the ‘burnt coast’ has happened that she pops her head up again over there.

    Speaking of popping up… now that I see the Montreal weather is evening out to being tolerable, will there be more fascinating walks chronicled? The walks and photos were great.

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