L’automne – Year 2!

Amazing how long projects can take when you make them as complicated as possible. Anyway, I walked the Verdun waterfront the last couple of days and here we are again picking up where we left off, perhaps a little wiser via research and life in a world where the only constant is change (wink). But under no circumstances will I suggest that an end is in sight and why would I want one? Half the fun, as they say, is getting there, and I am certainly in no rush to go off gently into the sunset of…something final… like I am thinking a project with its own built in sequels, updated every few years, like a novel, over time, that goes from 300 pages to 2, 190 pages over the course of various editions and  with the specific instructions that it must be continued by the work’s heir.

Text Text Text

Image Image Image

And on I go, copying and pasting whatever while my two cents goes into the dustbin faster than a Black Hole can belch and consider if it might want to apologize…



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