The Giants in Montreal

Went downtown today to check out the giant marionettes that are dominating the scene in the city this weekend. It is pretty cool because the crew that accompanies each giant are energized and organized much like a Cirque du Soleil act. The down side of this is that it really is like watching a one float parade and I think the novelty can wear off quickly. But it was packed downtown and no one seemed to be disappointed.

Already jammed when I got there. This is the Sea Diver sleeping.
One interesting thing is that while the Sea Diver sleeps you can hear his breathing, not overtly loud but it is there.


Had a chance to get a pic of The Girl from behind as she was waking up and started walking.


He is starting to wake up.


His helmet is being brought up.


And placed on his head.


And he is up and off.


You can check out the organization behind this here.

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