Today on Mount Royal

Unusually mild for today’s date and with a lot of snow and ice on ground level that makes for some perfect fog, especially as you go higher on Mount Royal.

How foggy was it? That is Beaver Lake straight ahead.


It was quite surreal up there, you could hear people talking on the roads before you saw them, dark shadowy things that came into view. Mystery vehicle with no one in it.




The view from the lookout. Normally you would see the Montreal skyline, it’s actually one of the most cliched views of this city via postcards, tourist pics, etc. But you can hear it, strange.


So weird I decided to do a selfie with no city there.


View from inside the chalet at the lookout.


On the way back, Beaver Lake on the left.


View from inside the chalet at Beaver Lake.


And in case you were wondering the police still do patrol the mountain on horseback.


The End.


First post of 2017, guess I still do this 🙂 See ya round!

One response to “Today on Mount Royal

  1. Cool pictures; it stinks that it wasn’t clearer out though, I would’ve loved a view! You live in Montreal I’m assuming? It’s a very pretty place, I visit near there every summer. 🙂

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