Beaver Situation Takes A Turn For The Weird

Was down at the river today just trudging through the lower trail when I spotted some chicken wire fences wrapped around some trees. As I had blogged about a problem with beavers aggressively attacking trees on the Verdun waterfront, I assumed there might be a connection.



So this is all good, except, and I only noticed this as I headed further east, that these fences seem to be only installed around the Auditorium and not at the east end of the waterfront where most of the damage has been done.

On this map the upper area in red is where the main trouble is and the lower area in red with a black x is where the fences have been installed. You may understand why I am a little perplexed about this new development in the situation.


Of course we have had a storm here and perhaps the workers could only do so much this morning, even if an older person type such as myself has no problem physically navigating the lower trail of the waterfront even if there is a new foot of snow.

And here are some if nothing else fun speculations by the good folks down at the coffee shop…

  • Some older trees at the proposed beach site need to be preserved for the landscaping design so they must be a priority of all tree safety efforts.
  • A contractor is trying to show off his usefulness as the city has changed the way it must now award contracts over 100,000 dollars.
  • The workers are lazy. They went to the most easily accessible spot from a motor vehicle, threw up some fences, took some pictures, and went home.
  • For some reason the city does NOT want to protect any trees at the far east end but wants to maintain the illusion it is concerned.

And on it goes… Perhaps tomorrow there will be more fences….

Stay tuned.



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