Unmanifest At BBAM! Gallery

Stopped in last night at the opening of this show at BBAM! Gallery featuring the work of two excellent young artists, Lana Filippone and Adam Giroux.

From the Facebook page…


This is probably one of the most ambitious exhibitions we’ve ever attempted at BBAM! Gallery. Painter Adam GirouxAdam Giroux was a semi-finalist in the BP Portrait Awards 2016 (National Portrait Gallery UK) and sculptor Lana Filippone is exhibiting at the Louvre (Paris, hello) in their Salon des Beaux Arts. The works are based on the elements of Alchemy and they do a better job of explaining the magic involved in their artist statement: “Unmanifest: Solve et Coagula” stems from the idea that everything must be dissolved and reduced into that from which it came in order to be fixed once again.

Just as some ancient formulas call upon two skilled alchemists of equal knowledge; Adam and Lana join in Unmanifest to try their luck; using their studios as laboratories. Adam as an observer of psychological process and Lana submitting her materials to the heat and transformations of the ceramic process. Their crude materials (prima materia) are impressed upon by form which has paradoxically always been; from noumenon to phenomenon. While Adam focuses on four colour phases of transmutation as applied in his psycho-spiritual portraiture; Lana’s sculptures have focused on the congruent metaphoric birds of alchemy.


Show runs until January.

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