October, 2016

So I am pretty happy with myself today because at the beginning of the month I decided that I would walk the lower path at the Verdun waterfront everyday in October with the hope of finding a way with my camera to “capture” whatever was going to become interesting to me as I experientially observed the riot of life and death around me! Today I finalized the month with a celebratory waltz from Shit Creek to Fayolle street which is the Lasalle border. I did not walk the whole waterfront everyday, though I did that many times, but never walked less than half except for Thanksgiving day which I took off altogether. I walked that trail during the  surprisingly pleasant first two weeks of extraordinary warm weather and through the remaining days of often windy rain pouring and drenching and discouraging waterlogged paths, and there were ducks and geese and things, to create distractions, and through the end of season thickened reeds of the west end of the trail I came out with a smile on my face! (see Gene Kelly dance thing about rain). My umbrella took a beating. And so did my camera. I loved it.

They say experience is the greatest teacher. I quickly understood that I was not looking for pretty autumn pictures, and as the days progressed I realized my eye was on the process, the dramatic, yet beautiful and poetic death of all that bursts into life in the spring. Cliche ridden as it sounds, and I do not not pretend that originality exists beyond that fingerprint we all own, I ventured forth, exhilarated by the walking and my apparent Edgar Allen Poe/Cask Of Amontillado narrative technique, and, of course, it is at this point that we should both, my dear reader, be laughing.

I give you, a few  “working print” samples from this glorious month of my life!







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