Great Day At Dawson Community Centre.

I went to dances at this place as a teenager so it’s extra cool to have had a chance to hang out today at the annual Race for Kids/ Street Festival organized by the Dawson Community Centre, one of the truly great community organizations on the island of Montreal.

Ok, so it was hot today, very hot…and I usually am pretty good at getting names and info down but today I was just happy to hang out, take a few pics, and appreciate what all these incredible people with the energy to run a challenging race and make this event happen were capable of doing. Big thanks to everyone!!

Obligatory inflatable (say that out loud, you will feel strangely better…).


I relate…all (great) works of art have their moments –  doubt may dominate the creative mind which can only be saved by an upward synthesis! ( LOL )


With roughly 40 tables the street festival component of this event served the community well with much to offer.


And my favorite team in the Race For Kids hamming it up before destroying the course, Mary Ann Davis, Lorraine O’Donnell, and Kim Whitehouse!!


David Lefneski of SouthWest United Church and Mission with Lorraine and Kim.


This fellow and his grandson entertained those of us who would stick around the main site for the duration of the race (just let me know the name (s) and I will correct that immediately, did I say it was very hot this afternoon?).


Kenneth MacKenzie and (please help me out here, folks!) on the bagpipes opening the race!


These two ladies (again, I need your help here) were our gracious and energized hosts for this beautiful community event. And this is a good example (for all you potential photography students) of how a picture may NOT tell a story, because the lady on the left was an energy ball who outworked most of the race participants. You two are just awesome!!


All the teams warming up before the start!


I won’t say SPOILER ALERT but sometimes things get telegraphed….


And away we go!


My team roars out of the gate (love the way Mary Ann lays down the CHILL! law!).


Art is important.


Don’t recall the team name but after finishing second last year and working hard as a team towards a goal they shared, they won!!


It’s not about winning, however,  it’s about having fun and committing yourself to a good cause – Win! Win! Win!



And here comes my team, super proud of these folks today!




Mary Ann Davis (sort of epitomizing cool on this wicked hot day) speaking on behalf of the community tells us that Verdun Rocks!


Greens are racers, blues are volunteers.


So I step out for a moment and miss another great team come in, but I still got a pic of this fantastic character who just happens to be a City Councillor in Verdun telling the organizers his team is kicking back their  prize to the kids at Dawson, the uncanny and evergame, Sterling Downey!


The amazing volunteers in blue!


It was a great day, the street was packed with support for the racers, and we shared the heat and hospitality in a way that can only be brought about by a deep belief in the people and community around you and that is why Dawson’s has been around forever, because people care, and today was a perfect example of a community organization reaching out and making everyone feel good about themselves and each other. Thanks!!


Thanks to all the volunteers, the participants, and everyone who dropped by, for making this such a wonderful community experience, and a special shout out to Joanne Eberlin, whom I have known for over 40 years, for helping to keep Dawson the awesome local resource and essential community centre that it continues to be on so many levels!!










2 responses to “Great Day At Dawson Community Centre.

  1. little biased reporting but I will let it slide.Looks like it ’twas a fun time. Coudn’t make it but was glad to have sponsored my friend Hurricane Helene.

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