Today’s Walk

Went to the Point today, not a long walk but a good one.

Marguerite Bourgeoys Park.


“The site of this park was once part of the farm acquired by Marguerite Bourgeoys from Sieur Francois Leber in 1668”


Random telephoto shot of sculpture in the park.


Further up Wellington. Les Filles du Roi.


Much better shot than the winter one I posted when there was a couple of dumpsters parked in front.

We turned north on Charon street after having a slice of pizza on the corner of Wellington and Charon and took a lane that ran behind Coleraine.



From what I have been told having these spikes in poles is now illegal in Montreal. I grew up in a world where every pole in every lane had these, how else where you going to be able to set up that clothesline?


Anyone who has seen my “Verdun Lanes” pictures knows this (making the fence 75% of your composition) is an integral part of my style, comes with being a tall person.


And our destination today was the Point Saint Charles Art School on Hibernia.


It’s an awesome space with art classes daily and the instructors are really cool people who enjoy what they do passionately!


The other side, which is about the same size as this area, has work tables and plenty of easels. There is also two skylights within the space so drawing classes offer some beautiful lighting opportunities.

And the highlight of the day was getting to hear a tune from art instructor/painter, Barry MacPherson, who some of you may remember from the Jam last fall/winter in Verdun. It could be an inspiring music space too!


All in all a pretty good way to spend an afternoon!!

And just to let you know I will be exhibiting a few images in this space along with some other artists and the Vernissage will be on April 30th. Stay tuned.


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