Dirty 30

Just because it sounds funny, maybe, it’s all subjective. So this afternoon I finally got a picture I liked of this red roofed building after, well, no idea when this “chalet” was built, but it feels like a good 30 years…anyway…and by the way…I must thank Verdun City Councillor, Sterling Downey, for his role in helping to create this much needed new skatepark.


Finally satisfied and reminded that a picture of a building no more needs to  include the whole building to be interesting any more than a portrait needs to include the full body of a person, or the whole face even, to be interesting. (Zzzzzzzzz) So as boring as that may sound, I sort of laughed myself, one moves forward knowing that there is more than one way to screw up an image once conceptualized, (writers, in that bleak oblique blank page kind of way – editing  an be a bitch! – like you didn’t know that, sorry, OMFG@!!!lol ) because that most horrible god awful disgusting arbitrator of taste, popular opinion – the wallpaper goes or I do says Oscar Wilde in an apparent moment of human sanity –  discourages everyone, go figure!

Well, you already knew that too.

That said, I find this image more interesting as it fits nicely with what I am into lately.


And what does one feel at this point? Save as draft? Publish? Fuckit! 🙂

Otherwise workin on it….



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