Surprises – Jam Report #13

You just never know what you are going to get at the Jam.

Friday night at Cafe Kali being no exception to this rule as things started off quietly, perhaps because Wally Dae and Barry MacPherson were not there to kick it off as usual, but others stepped up and before you knew it we had a jam going! We expect to see Wally and Barry back soon.

A group representing the Comité d’action des citoyennes et citoyens de Verdun (CACV) visited and participated in the Jam. Thanks for dropping by!!

Also the night was highlighted by the return of keyboardist, Sam Boskey, and old friends Marie-Andree Joly and Craig Gerardin (The Girardins).

And a special performance by Helene Pitre caused a sensation!

Sam Boskey, Robbie Daug, and Francois Pitre getting it going.


As I like to remind everyone ALL THE TIME this is one of the best entertainment events on the island of Montreal.

These two hit it off pretty good from the start.


This is the beauty of music, how they can just show up and start playing and creating harmonies, etc, just try to imagine a group of writers…well, I could actually, but that’s another blog post…ha

Maurice Brosseau laying down a beat.


it’s really informal, and anyone can just join in when they would like. Or don’t 🙂

Dan Parker joins in.


Dan Parker helped the CACV realize their rap tune Verdun j’y suis, j’y reste!

Technology today sure helps make these kinds of things possible.


Dan Parker and Francois Pitre.

Craig Giradin adds a drum.


It helps, but you don’t have to bring your own instruments, the Jam is also about sharing.

And Suzanne from the CACV raps Verdun j’y suis, j’y reste!




This is exactly what makes the Jam so important to me, people from the community expressing themselves through song, fantastic!

Friends and colleagues – thrilled!!


Everyone is welcome to come down on Friday evenings and join the fun.

You just knew she would get herself into some of the pictures.


The Jam is a non alcoholic children welcome happening.



Vice President of Empreintes d’artistes, Luz Garcia de Zielinski, introducing Helene Pitre with a special performance.


Marilyn Monroe singing happy birthday to a certain American President.





Bravo, Helene!! And keep in mind that all kinds of performances are welcome at the Jam, stand up comedy, poetry, dance, arm wrestling (kidding, well, why not.. 🙂 ), come on down and let us see your stuff!

Closing it out.



Ray Garneau in on percussion.

And the last word goes to Robbie Daug and Sam Boskey, who along with  lefty guitarist Francois Pitre, pretty much sat in on every song tonight! Thanks!


And that’s it for a night of surprises at the Jam!

The Jam.

Every Friday from 6-9 pm.

Cafe Kali.

5200 Verdun Avenue (Corner Desmarchais/ Metro Verdun).

Produced by Empreintes d’artistes!



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