Calabash Beats – Jam Report #9

Friday night was the first edition of The Jam at Cafe Kali for 2016. And if anyone was worried that the Jam may have lost its incredible pre-holiday momentum, let me reassure you that this thing is now rolling strong again!

Attendance was good and the kitchen was busy. Great to see familiar faces coming back and seeing some new ones. And for me it was a huge test of my determination to quit smoking having been on Day 6 without a smoke when I walked in. I was relatively quiet compared to Jams past where I would often be in and out and, frankly, I would miss a good chunk of the Jam because of smoking. I think I must have taken 150 more pictures than usual Friday night. And am now on Day 9 without a cigarette as I type!

Every Jam is a productive networking session if you need to make new contacts or get the word out. It’s just a great place to meet up with people or make new friends.

Wally Dae (right) and Jerome Leblanc kicking it off.


Sometimes someone may address the crowd but often the Jam just starts when one or more musicians plugs in and… start playing.

Regular Jammer Barry MacPherson joining in.


We are very fortunate to have a singer songwriter of Wally Dae’s world class caliber right here in Verdun. And there is no cover charge so I do not exaggerate when I say the Jam is the best entertainment value on the island of Montreal.

The Calabash.

Nicely designed and you can hit the top part surprisingly hard.


Just your typical African vegetable turned percussion instrument.

Singer Songwriter Daniel Ranger sat in for a set.


There is an uncanny connection between Jerome’s percussion and Dan’s guitar playing, they really compliment each other very well.

Dan and I have been working on a song for a few months now, in our spare time kind of thing, it’s fun but also an intense learning experience.


And the main thing I learned with Dan is that songwriting is very hard, so different from other kinds of writing, even poetry.

Cute wins every time.


“Is this going to be on Facebook?”

Luc Gagnon and Francois Pitre.


Left handed guitar.

Wally Dae back up for a few more.


At the Jam you can pick up a copy of Wally Dae’s CDs. Highly recommended.

Ray Garneau in on percussion.


There are no real rules, anyone can jump in on any song when they feel it. It’s worked so far.

Close up of the night – Nancy Brown and Helene Pitre.


There was a cool energy here that I couldn’t resist.

Fuller shot.


Always interesting to catch the different styles everyone brings to a  given song.

Full Squad.


Nancy Brown, Helene Pitre, Barry MacPherson, Francois Beaumont, Francois Pitre, Patrizia Buffone.

After our fearless musicians played Stairway To Heaven by request (remember A Day In The Life?) some boogie woogie and dancing went down to close it out.




And The Jam is back!

Friday from 6-9pm.

Cafe Kali

5200 Verdun Avenue (Metro Verdun)

Admission: Free

And do feel free to drop in to Cafe Kali anytime to check out the ongoing art show!

Produced by Empreintes d’artistes.

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